CHESSCON Shift Preview verifies your day-to-day shift planning in minutes. Similar to chesscon virtual terminal, it uses interfaces to tos to import all required information of the current planning state regarding the upcoming workload.

The imported data is in particular:
vessel-, truck- and rail arrivals,
housekeeping moves, container inventory,
yard- and equipment allocations.

CHESSCON Shift Preview simulates your terminal operation based on the imported tos data in minutes and delivers fast results of your current planning status before the shift begins.

The software uses the Overall equipment effectiveness (oee) which secures fast access to comparable results.
Become proactive instead of reactive. Discover your bottlenecks.

Verify your current shift planning

Ease of use

Based on actual tos data

Improve yard allocations

Detect yard clashes

Enhance deployment of equipment

High speed simulation –
about 3000 moves/minute