All our products are developed to be used by the client. We provide custom-tailored solutions that may be adapted by themselves to new demands. Of course we're ready to support our clients at any time they need us, due to staff shortage or time restrictions. The whole range of services around newly developed intelligent IT solutions will be merged by akquinet port consulting for its customers to a total strategic package.

Our experts provide services around these products and are part of a huge network, which includes expertise from terminal operators, software engineers, terminal planners, etc. We enhance our clients to use the tools by themselves and we can assist in the start up of new projects. By implementing into the logistics enterprise it is shaped precisely – every single step figured out like a chess match – to the company's needs. By this a lasting effect for the customers is guaranteed.

Akquinet port consulting's second mainstay is the provision of various operating systems developed for regional stakeholders. We guarantee our business partners the improvement and customisation of order management and disposition systems of cargo handling and transport. This includes a long-term product maintenance and surveillance considering the know-how of the respective product developers.